Changelog – MP3 Music Player Pro by Sonaar

V.3.0.1 - 2021-11-30
- Fix sticky player not showing up with Elementor Button
- Fix sticky player issue not showing the correct playlist when related track is enabled.
- Fix image not correctly switching on the widget player when using the sticky prev/next button
- Remove controls on artwork if no image set

V.3.0 - 2021-11-24
- New! Podcast Player!
- New! Import Podcast from any major Podcast distributor
- New! Player layout. Choose between floated and boxed player template
- New! Refactored the setting options with better UI and tabs
- New! Add playlist and player background
- New! Many shortcode attributes available for both free and pro version
- New! Display all playlist from specific playlist categories.
- New! Display tracklist of every items that belong to the same category in the sticky player
- New! Display track description eg: BPM, Hashtags, Episode description etc below each tracks.
- New! Add Background Image and Gradient on the Elementor Widget
- New! Option to use your own shortcode attributes in the single page
- New! Option to change slug name for single playlist and categories
- Improved Gutenberg block styling without refreshing the block
- Improved slow performance when you have many playlist posts
- New shortcode attribute: show_meta_duration = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: show_publish_date = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: show_tracks_count = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: show_skip_bt = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: show_shuffle_bt = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: show_speed_bt = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: show_volume_bt = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: strip_html_track_desc = true, false
- New shortcode attribute: track_desc_lenght = number
- New shortcode attribute: hide_trackdesc = true, false. Will hide track description.
- New shortcode attribute: category = category ID separated by comas or 'all' for all posts.
- New shortcode attribute: $posts_per_pages = number. When category attribute is used, you can set a maximum number of posts to load
- New shortcode attribute: show_cat_description = true, false. Show category description set in the taxonomy description field. Default = false.
- New shortcode attribute: album_store_position = 'top'. Apply to boxed player only. Show external link buttons in the boxed player instead of below the playlist.

V.2.4.1 - 2021-09-27
- Fix: Safari issue with the volume icon not showing on sticky and the waveform.
- Fix: volume slider clickable zone to prevent mute on click
- Fix: Sticky player display on the left when set to float right
- Tweak: Loading icon position and opacity
- Tweak: WooCommerce. Remove unwanted margin below artwork in WooCommerce loop
- Tweak: JS function to start, pause and toggle play/pause the sticky player

V.2.4 - 2021-07-20
- New! [Pro Feature] Added popup Lightbox option for call-to-action buttons beside the tracks. Embed anything from lyrics, videos, html or shortcode in the Lightbox. Edit your playlist track's call-to-action and you will see the popup option available.
- New! [Pro Feature] Gutenburg block has now all the options to customize your player the way you want! Create stunning and unique player look and feel without leaving Gutenburg editor!
- Fix: Issue with audio player not loading when used in Elementor Popups or lightboxes.
- Fix: avoid loading the sticky player in the Gutenburg editor
- Fix: resolved an issue with the sticky player appear 1 second before the page load in some situation.
- Fix: shuffle issue when using the Gutenburg block
- Fix: when using very long track title, it overlapped the control buttons
- Fix: No Skip track issue when there is no widget in the page
- Tweak: Updated moment.js library to 2.29.1

V.2.3.2 - 2021-04-26
- New! [Pro Feature] Added new sticky players layouts: Introducing the Float Interactive Sticky Player with drag and drop option and Full-width Mini Sticky
- Tweak: Add Flex CSS on sticky player for more controls on CSS (pro)
- Tweak: Load sr-scripts.js file only if using Elementor
- Tweak: Added Current Post option in Playlist Source dropdown in Elementor Widget. Useful when using dynamic page templates. Eg: Elementor Pro Theme Builder
- Tweak: Renamed Google Play for YouTube Music, iTunes for Apple Music
- Tweak: improvement to the bulk import tool (pro)
- Tweak: Do not sanitize CTA URLs textfield to prevent ascii character from being stripped
- Tweak: tracklist item li 100vw instead of 100% so all li displays with same width
- Tweak: Prevent theme text-decoration on button CTA
- Fix issue with cmb2_render_select_multiple_field_type classname conflict with other third party plugins
- Fix: Optional Track image option now displayed when editing Pages
- Fix issue when playing same track number with 2 different player
- Fix issue with the progress bar displacement caused by the time progress
- Fix to prevent track numbers to wrap on track 10th and more
- Fix to prevent time duration to wrap
- Fix PHP error / blank page on front-end when using pro without free version activated
- Fix issue with 1 track playlist that was always looping even if the option do not skip to next track was disabled

V.2.3.1 - 2021-03-29
- Fix issue where Pro player don't appear if you don't use Elementor.

V.2.3 - 2021-03-24
- New! Introducing the Pro WooCommerce Edition which add full support with WooCommerce. Ability to show player on shop page (loop) and in the single product page automatically. It also automatically add Buy now / Add to Cart buttons in the playlist and sticky player. Demos at
- New! [Pro Feature] Tool for Import/Create Bulk Playlist for any post, playlist and WooCommerce product. Simply select which audio file to use and it will automatically create new post draft in 1-click.
- New! [Pro Feature] Display track thumbnails beside each tracks in the playlist.
- New! Add optional track cover images for each of your track
- New! Simple progress bar design option
- New! Option to adjust the bar width and spacing of the synthetic waveform
- New! Option to adjust the height of the all waveform types.
- New! Shortcode attributes: display_control_artwork, progressbar_inline, hide_progress, hide_track_title, hide_times . More info
- Tweak: Show number of tracks in admin columns for enabled CPT
- Tweak: We now use flex grid CSS for the player controls
- Tweak: You can select any kind of playlist's post-type in the shortcode generator or Elementor widget.
- Tweak: Major Speed Improvement with Synthetic waveform type: We have replaced waveform's thousands of SVG nodes by Canvas HTML.
- Tweak: Replaced a tags for div on control buttons
- Tweak: Removed widget class in the iron-audioplayer div to prevent conflicts with certain themes
- Fix issue where {{playlisttitle}} flashes when loading page on mobile.
- Fix issue where typography color was not applied in some case. It was always white.
- Fix minor issue with image encoding on some website
- Fix minor CSS incoherence

V.2.2.5 - 2021-02-23
- Added compatibility for PHP 8
- Fix issue with album title not changing when no sticky player is used
- Fix issue with player not playing when used in Elementor Popup

V.2.2.4 - 2021-01-24
- Major page loading optimization on front-end
- Prevent License check on Sonaar API too many times

V.2.2.3 - 2021-01-13
- Add admin notice to install free version if its not installed yet.

V.2.2.2 - 2021-01-11
- Now the audio tracks launch much faster when clicking play, especialy on mobile.
- Fix URL Encode and Decode for artwork images to resolve issue with some URL Queries
- Pro! New option to exclude Continuous Audio Playback from specific URL

V.2.2.1 - 2020-11-19
- Fix issue with script enqueue loaded when not required
- Fix issue with shuffle option

V.2.2 - 2020-10-15
- New! Continuous Audio Playback is finally here!
Turn on the option in WP-Admin > MP3 Player > Settings > Continuous Audio Playback. This is done via Session Cookies which means there will be a small audio gap on page loads. Read More here:
- New! Our Elementor Audio Player Widget has a new facelift! You can now upload tracks directly into Elementor Editor ! No need to add a playlist anymore!
- New! Option to reverse tracklist in the front-end. 
- New! Feed attribute added in the shortcode. This open doors to dynamic contents. Example: Use [sonaar_audioplayer feed=" ||" feed_title="Track Title 01 || Track Title 02"] on any pages.
- Removed Next-Previous button in the sticky when only 1 track is present
- Fix compatibility issue with some themes
- Fix autoplay issue when using wavesurfer
- Fix statistic report issue
- Fix console error with audio promises
- Improved options and codes

V.2.1 - 2020-06-15
- New! General option to add Sticky Player on All Pages
- New! Full Gutenburg Support. We have added a Gutenburg block called MP3 Player
- New! Add scrollbars within your tracklist ( Pro feature )
- New! Add shuffle option in the sticky player on page load
- New! Fix hours duration in the sticky player
- Updated PerfectScrollbar library to 1.5
- Fix issue with soundwave color not changing via Elementor and the Shortcode widget
- Fix statistic when sticky player is disabled 
- Fix download tag option in the sticky so the window popups immediately instead of opening in new window
- Fix issue with the playlist title that does not change when changing tracks

V.2.0.2 - 2020-05-09
- Fix issue where the plugin breaks the Elementor Editor from scrolling

V.2.0.1 - 2020-05-08
- Fix issue with synthetic soundwave not showing up in the sticky player when launched from a button or javascript
- Fix issue with the size of the synthetic soundwave in the sticky player

V.2.0 - 2020-05-07
- New! You can upload audio tracks from any posts, custom posts, or pages! Enable media uploads for your post types in WP-Admin > MP3 Player > Settings. Before this update, you had to create a playlist, upload your tracks and then embed the playlist widget or shortcode on the posts you wanted to display the player. Now simply edit any post, upload tracks and add the player widget, all at once. See quick video here:
- New! We now fully support long audio tracks and streaming files. The player used to crash on mobile or not display waveforms when using heavy mp3 files. We have added a new waveform skin called Synthetic Waveform in WP-Admin > MP3 Player > Settings
- New! Waveform display intanstanly without lag time. Make sure to select Synthetic Waveform in WP-Admin > MP3 Player > Settings.
- New! SEO improvement: You can now control the playlist and soundwave title HTML tag and specifiy which heading to use. 
- Improved: MP3 is not being preloaded anymore if you are not displaying the waveform
- Improved: Condition logics for the setting panel
- Improved: Added query strings for the CSS and JS files to avoid cache issues when updating
- Improved: Minor UI work on the settings page
- Fix: When no playlist/album is specified in the shortcode, try to play the current post tracklist
- Fix: Condition JS library for better Gutenburg support
- Fix: Issue with font loading in some case
- Fix: Color pickers now display correctly
- Fix: No more 404 page not found on the Playlist custom posts.
- Fix: Featured Album was disable on some theme that don't support featured image
- Fix: Issue with UTF8 character encoding in sticky player
- Fix: Issue with sticky typography color not applied on the sticky player

V.1.7 - 2020-02-13
- New! Option to add artist name in the tracklist. You can enable this option in WP-Admin > MP3 Player > Settings
- Fixed issue where the soundwave does not show up in the sticky player in some case

V.1.6 - 2020-02-05
- New! Added a page option to fire the sticky player on page load. You can set a sticky payer to load on specific pages, posts, and custom post types.
- New! Added a progress bar to the sticky player for mobile user. It allow the user to navigate accross the track when using mobile device.
- Fixed double-click issue when Do Not Skip to the Next track is selected

V.1.5 - 2019-12-19
- Fixed automatic plugin updates
- Fixed next track that was not playing automatically after track finish
- Fixed hour stamp in the time duration that was not showing up
- Refactored and optimized the Licence Check API. You can now enter your license key in MP3 Player > License for automatic updates.

V.1.4.1 - 2019-11-21
- Fixed waveform not showing up in some case

V.1.4 - 2019-11-12
- Fixed issue on iOS 13. Audio is no longer muted
- Fixed Scrollbar in playlist when you have a lot of tracks
- Fixed waveform not showing up when using more than 1 player on the same page
- Fixed notice on error 404 (page not found)
- Optimized the time-duration function

V.1.3 - 2019-10-15
- Extended the Elementor Button widget to add an option to fire the sticky player in pro version (free plugin update required)
- Optimized code structure by enqueuing the player files only if a player is present.
- Removed Sticky player H1s and replaced it by standard div
- Added Cross-origin anonymous to load audio files from subdomains
- Renamed class progress to sr-progress to avoid conflicts with third parties

V.1.2 - 2019-09-06
- Added Full Elementor Compatibility

V.1.0 - 2018-05-23
- Initial Version