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Audio Player for WordPress
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For Music
and Beat Makers.

Our MP3 player is the industry-leading plugin for WordPress to add music, loops and drumkits, to your website.

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Feat. DJ Traxx
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Live Demo
Live Demo
Live Demo
Audio Ripple
The ultimate audio player™

For Podcasters.

Don’t look further, Podcasters! This is the ultimate Podcast player for WordPress ever created to design a next-level Podcast Website.
Podcast Player Elementor Design
WooCommerce Player at its best™

For Selling
Music Online.

Chop Chop! Selling music online and earn money from your music creation while keeping 100% profit is now possible!

We really went the extra mile and made the audio player connects seamlessly with WooCommerce, the world’s most popular free eCommerce plugin.

Whether for selling digital music, memberships, or subscriptions, our audio player will empower your eCommerce website immediately.

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Audio Player
A Multi Purpose Audio Player

For Course Creators and Marketers.

Whether you are a course creator, marketer, voice-over artist, audiobooks publisher or meditation trainer, this audio player has everything you need.
Meet MP3AP.

The most versatile and
best audio player for WordPress.

Add striking audio players to your website
with Sonaar's best-in-class audio plugin.
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Audio Player

Create players on the fly by using shortcode and custom attributes.

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Importer Tool Generator

Import MP3 and Podcast Episodes by using our built-in importer.

Elementor & Gutenberg

Customize the look and feel of the player with your favorite live editor.

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Add call-to-action buttons for linking any valuable content to your tracks.

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Display BPM, Show Notes, Lyrics or any track descriptions.

Asset 19

ID3 Tags

Automatically detects and import ID3 tags from your MP3 audio files.

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SEO Optimized

Built with Search Engine Optimisation and Speed Performance in mind.

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Analytics &

Insights with number of plays, downloads, and times directly in GA.

Dive deeper into Sonaar's
Powerful player features.

What makes MP3AP by Sonaar special?

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Playlist Title
Track Names
Audio player control
Easy Audio Player Plugin for WordPress
Easy Peasy

Meet the easiest Audio Player plugin for WordPress ever made

The idea behind this WordPress plugin is to keep it super simple. Create a playlist. Upload MP3 files and easily add the album on any pages or posts using your favourite page builder.

Hands off! Soundwave is self-generated and we fetch ID3 tags of your MP3 and add it to the database for you.

WordPress logo icon
Background Stripes
Professional Design

Continuous audio playback, slick player controls and stunning soundwave bar

This player is one of a kind. The wave bar is here to impress. It is not only a great visual addition to your audio player, it allows listeners to have an overview of the highs & lows of your audio track and skip right through a specific time.

The controls, waveform colors and headings are all optional and customizable via the audio control panel.

Album Cover Main
album cover
Album Design
Playlist design
Art album
Playlist cover
Art cover
Control Player for the audio plugin
Audio Ripple

Audio Spectrum

Immerse your listeners with an audio visualizer that syncs to the frequency of your audio tracks. Choose from 4 unique animation styles: Animated Bars, Bricks, Shockwave, & String. Customize the waveform with your own colors anddimensions.

The best part? You can add the Animated Audio Spectrum to the audio player, tracklist, and even the sticky player in the footer! It’s also compatible with our Adaptive Colors feature.


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in realtime

Don’t struggle with the look and feel of the player.

Click ‘Adaptive Colors’ option, and we will match the skin of the audio player with your image artwork in real-time. Thanks to our AI algorithms!

MP3 Player for Elementor
Audio Player for Elementor
Elementor Free support audio player
Elementor Music Player
No coding skills required
Customize the player without limit
Elementor & Gutenberg full support

If you are familiar with Elementor or Gutenberg, you know what we are talking about. Using a page builder allows you to change colors, fonts and alignments without writing a single line of code, plus the result is in real-time! 

Forget about HTML and CSS coding. Customize and display audio players where you want, the way you want! It’s a game-changer and it was about time. And Yes, we support Dynamic Fields too!

Elementor Audio Player
Build your own player layout!

Dropdowns Tags, Search& Custom Fields widget

Filtering audio tracklist with dropdowns and tags has never been easier! Add unlimited number of filter dropdowns such as Playlist Categories, Artist Name, Mood, Instruments, BPM, or any custom fields.

Build your own custom filters using ACF, WooCommerce, or JetEngine. Customize the filters and give your player the look you want. All filters are AJAX-powered and reload instantly.

Audio tracklist vs audio grid
Tracklist Layout Options

Tracklistimage descriptionGrid
Best of both worlds

When it comes to organizing and managing your music library, the choice between a grid view or a list view can make a big difference in your listening experience.

Our audio player features a unique tracklist layout that combines the best of both worlds – a Grid format for visually stunning browsing and a List format for easy scrolling.

Analytics reports

Get real-time analytics

Albums and tracks performance

Our insights reports provide essential information about your listeners but also on your audio project.

You will get full admin report of which tracks and playlists perform the most during a given time. You can filter by day, weeks and months and know how many plays and downloads you get right inside Google Analytics.

overall stats report for your music
Stats by days weeks and months
Listener number statistic
Statistic insights
Background Stripes
Keep it nice and low
Sticky Footer Player and
Persistent Player All-in-one

Not only the sticky player is beautifully designed but it has a very good reason to live. Introducing the new Continuous Audio playback — aka Persistent Player, this player is one of a kind.

When you have a lot of content or use a one-pager website, showing a sticky player in a fixed position allows your listener to pause, shuffle or skip to the next track at any time when they scroll the page.

The footer audio player also has a volume control, playlist overview, a shuffle mode and call-to-action buttons that belong to each tracks. View it live

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