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Sonaar Music

We install, give advises and design custom websites.

Our services are dedicated especially for Musician and Podcast Websites. Try us and see how much we care.

We’ll seamlessly install your plugin, ensure no conflicts, guide you through key features, and make necessary plugin setting adjustments to suit your needs. Hassle-free setup guaranteed.
If you are new to WordPress, this is the best service to get started. We will install the theme, the required plugins and import the demo content for you.
We will do anything you want us to do related to your website from custom design to speed optimization, we can do it all.
Hosting music or podcast website can be tricky and bandwidth consuming. We will host your website on our super-fast,managed and secure servers.
If you are new to website design or simply don’t have time to make your own website, hire us and we will literally create your website from A to Z.