WordPress Theme Installation Service

Hire us to install the theme on your site and get started quickly

If you are a newbie with WordPress, save some time and hire us to install the theme and import the demo’s contents on your site. It’s the quickest way to get started with our theme! The installation will be done in the next 3 hours of your purchase during the business days*.

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What is included?
  •  We install the theme on your web hosting
  •  We import the theme's demo content
  •  We install all the required plugins
  •  It will be complete in the next 3 hours*
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything will be ready in the next 3 hours after receiving your credentials. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday from 9ham to 6hpm (UTC-5). We are located in Canada.

    All you need to provide is access to your hosting panel or access to your WordPress dashboard. If you don’t have web hosting yet we can help. You also need a valid Sonaar theme license.

    To make an exact copy of the theme’s demo you’ve seen online, we have to overwrite your existing content and replace your website by our theme demo. If you want to keep your existing website running while you design your new website, we strongly recommend using a second server (also known as “Staging Server”). If that’s your case, we will install the theme demo on your staging server. 

    Once the theme demo is imported into your staging server, you will be able to migrate your existing content to that staging server. By doing this, your existing website will continue to run, and you will have all the time you want to develop/design the new website on your second server. When you are ready to launch your new website, you will just have to point your domain name to the staging server so it becomes your new “live” server.

    We can keep in touch with us via live chat (click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner) or on our help desk. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday from 9ham to 6hpm (UTC-5). We are located in Canada.

    Pre-sale question? Chat with us by clicking the chat bubble below.
    *Business days are from Monday to Friday, 9h am to 5h pm (Timezone: UTC-5) ** All prices displayed on this page are in USD

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