The all-in-one player for Music and Podcast that fits all

General Features

Sticky Player

An amazing sticky player with volume control, playlist overview, slick controls, and CTA buttons along a nice progress bar. We also offer 3 kinds of sticky player components: Full Width Sticky, Mini Sticky, and Float Sticky Player.

Various Files Format Support

Our player is versatile, supporting a range of audio formats, including MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG, WAV, Podcasts, Icecast, Shoutcast, and Self-hosted & External Audio. It also plays Streaming Audio, making it the perfect tool for listening to a variety of audio content.

Animated Audio Spectrum

Stunning audio visualizer brings your sound to life in real-time with 5 dynamic animated presets such as Animated Bars, Bricks, Shockwave, String and Bounce any CSS Selector at the rhythms of the audio. Fully customizable with your own colors, bar width, bar height, bar gap, velocity, and more.

Continuous/Persistent Playback

Listen to your audio continuously while navigating your website. The sticky player resumes when loading a new page.

Carousel Slider & 3D Coverflow

This interactive carousel lets you glide through your music collection with ease, providing a visual feast for your eyes as well as your ears. Whether you're showcasing album artwork or curating your playlists, our Slider & Coverflow brings a dynamic and immersive music slider to your website. Just like the rest of our features, the Slider & Coverflow is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor its look and feel to your preference.

Soundwave & Waveform

Display a progress bar between a simple bar or an authentic waveform representing your audio.

Soundwave in Tracklist

Option to add soundwaves for each track in your tracklist. This addition allows for a more dynamic and engaging presentation of your audio content, helping listeners visually differentiate between tracks.

Audio Preview, Watermarks & Ads

Available with the Business Plan (or higher), this feature is engineered not only to provide users with a sneak peek of the audio content, but also to manipulate the audio by outputting pre-roll or post-roll advertising or watermark to the audio. Whether you run an online music stores on WooCommerce, podcast platforms, or any audio-centric website, the Audio Preview protect and enhances content presentation and user interaction. A VPS or dedicated server is required. FFMPeg Open-source library is also required.

Full Icecast Support

Want to broadcast your Icecast stream on our player ? No problem! Users can easily access live or recorded streams and view important information such as the current track title, radio station info, and album image cover of the current playing track.

Adaptive Colors in real-time

Don’t struggle with the look and feel of the player. Click ‘Adaptive Colors’ option, and we will match the skin of the audio player with your image artwork in real-time. Thanks to our AI algorithms!

Add Track to Favorites

Spotting that special track? Simply click on the 'Add to Favorite' icon and store it away for future listens. Works with unauthentificated users and logged-in users so they can access their favorited tracks on all devices.

Share your tracks

Boost your music's reach with our versatile Share a Track feature! It enables seamless sharing of your tracks across various platforms, be it on mobile or desktop. Share directly through social media, email, SMS, or use the native share options on mobile devices. Amplify your audience's experience and engagement - effortlessly, wherever they are.

Analytics & Reports

Get real-time analytics such as the number of downloads and plays straight from Google Analytics.

Mobile Friendly

Display controls in the mobile's notification center, just like Spotify or Apple Music app. Our player is fully responsive, of course!

Scrollbar Option

Activate the scrollbar option to display unlimited tracks within a limited space. Magic in 1-click!

Calls to Action

Display buttons beside each track or playlist. Link them to a specific URL or show content in a lightbox popup.

Volume Control

Add optional volume control in your player widget. Volume level is retained in a cookie when users revisit your website.

Slick Controls

The controls, waveform colors, and control buttons are optional and customizable to match your style

Bulk Importer

Save time by selecting audio files in the library, and we will generate playlists, episodes, or product posts for you.

Elementor Widget

Includes a custom Elementor widget with 70+ styling options. And yes, we support dynamic fields too!

Elementor Button Widget

We have extended the native Elementor Button widget to launch a sticky player from any button instance.

Gutenberg Block

If you are a Gutenburg user, we got your back! We have a Gutenburg Block ready to work and rock!

Dynamic Shortcode

Unlock the full power of your audio player by using our custom shortcode with many dynamic attributes. Very powerful.

Audio Player Layouts

Customize each player's instance with shortcode attributes, Elementor Widget, or Gutenberg block. List your audio track in a list layout format or grid format.

Filters Dropdown, Range Slider & Tags Widget

Easily filter the tracklist with categories, artist name, mood, instruments, BPM, or any custom fields made with ACF, WooCommerce or JetEngine. Alternatively, users can also select tags or range slider to find specific tracks they are looking for. This intuitive tool helps save time when searching through large collections of music. Filter Dropdown is a great way to quickly sort through tracks that meet certain criteria without spending hours scrolling through long lists of titles or names.

Lazyload tracklist Pagination

Instead of overwhelming your server by loading all items simultaneously, Lazy Load fetches and displays content page-by-page, using AJAX. When a user switches between pages of a playlist, use the filter or search for a track, only the content for that specific query is loaded. This ensures your site remains swift and responsive, even if you have thousands of tracks. More info.

Unlimited Colours & Fonts

Change the audio player colors, font size, and font family to match your website and branding.

Auto-Load Player

Automatically load the sticky player with a pre-selected playlist or the newest track you have added.

Tracklist View

Display a tracklist button on the sticky player so users can jump and listen to another track in 1-click.

Dynamic Button Visibility & Conditions

Ability to set visibility conditions on the call to action buttons (download, favorite, share) or set a redirection link. Eg: Allow download only for registered users, and redirect logged-out user to a subscription page.

Dynamic Content

Build very custom projects with Sonaar Player. We support ACF, CMB2, JetEngine, Metabox, etc.

Custom Post Types Support

Option to display our custom fields in any selected CPT so you can add audio tracks simply by editing the post.

Display Metadata

Display the sum of each track's duration and display the total number of tracks that your playlist contains.

Tracklist Custom Fields

You can add custom fields for each track to display song or podcast information such as categories, artist name, track mood, instruments, audio duration or any custom fields you create through ACF, JetEngine, or WooCommerce. This makes it easy for users to identify songs based on their specific criteria quickly. Each column in the tracklist can be sorted by clicking its heading.

Search Bar Widget

Let your website visitor to search for any music keyword they'd like. Whether it be a song track, artist name, or podcast episode title - customers can now get instant results, no page reload, with just a few keystrokes. With this innovative tool, finding the exact audio track has never been easier! When combined with the beat tags and filter widget, it becomes incredibly simple to find exactly what you're looking for in no time at all.

Play Button & Textual Button

Replace the Play/Pause icon with a textual button like Play Trailer or Play Music. Use your own string, literally!

Start player from any text link or images

Add any content between our custom shortcode sonaar_ts and we will automatically create an hyperlink to start the audioplayer. This allow you to create easy & quick chapter list, text and image links or table of content to start a player and optionally jump to specific time stamps.

Stop and Go

Option to stop player when the track is completed. It prevents jumping automatically to the next track in the playlist.

Javascript API

Launch the sticky player, start, play and pause or skip the tracks through our Javascript API

Highly Optimized

The player is highly optimized and loads fast. It's secure and very performant.

SEO Optimized

Not only is this plugin a fast-loading player, but you can also select HTML tags and headings for a better SEO.


Translate our front-end labels and strings directly within the plugin settings dashboard! No hassle!

Premium Support

Needs technical assistance? It's another of our strengths! Premium quality support via Live Chat included!

For Music

Unlimited Playlists

Create an unlimited number of albums, discographies, and playlists and upload an unlimited number of tracks.

Download Buttons

Display a download button to let users download your audio file or any kind of digital materials in 1-click.

Call to Actions

Add call-to-action buttons for each of your albums such as "Listen on Spotify, Buy on Apple Music, Watch on YouTube", etc.

Artwork Images

Each track can have its own optional image cover. You can display its thumbnail in the tracklist, mini-player, and sticky player. Great for compilations & mixes!


Set optional lyrics for each track in the track description, in a lightbox popup or in a lyric placeholder shortcode.

Lyrics in real-time

Users can see the lyrics scroll as they listen to a song. Simply play your track and read or sing along to the lyrics that appear on your screen. Each song can have its own TTML file (Timed-Text Markup Language). You can generate TTML files interactively on this website.

BPM & Hashtags

If you're a beatmaker or manage a music store, you will probably want to display the BPM for your tracks. We got your back.

Slick Controls

Display Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Skip 15/30 Seconds, Playback Speed Rate, Tracklist View, Shuffle, and Volume control depending on the type of website you run.

ID3 Tags Support

Automatically fetches ID3 Tags from your MP3 and retrieves the album title, artist name, track title, and duration.

Artist Name

Display the artist name beside each of your tracks. E.g., < Track Title "by" Artist Name >. Useful for playlists, record labels, or multi-artist websites.

Release Dates

Display the album, playlist, or track's publishing date.

Shuffle Tracks

Allow the ability to shuffle the tracks randomly within a playlist.

Album Page Detail

We include a single page with a unique shareable URL for each playlist you create. Slug URL and player can be customized and used with your own shortcode.

Playlist Category Taxonomy

Need to categorize your playlist by genre, instruments or artists? You can display tracklists that contain songs and albums for a specific category. Useful for album compilations & playlist.

For Podcasting

Subscribe Buttons

Display podcast subscribes buttons for each podcast distribution platform you're in. We support over 20 podcast providers and more to come!

Show Notes

You can display all your show and episodes notes for each episode. Not only do episodes have their unique single page, but you can also display the show notes in a lightbox popup directly within the playlist from any page!

Episode Materials

You can add any bonus materials for each episode as a download or external link.

Publish your Podcast

Distribute your episodes to Apple, Spotify, Google, iHeart, and major podcast directories. You get total control over your RSS Feed.

RSS Feed Generator

Option to generate your own RSS Feed as your main source channel to submit to your Podcast distributors. We automatically generate it for you! The RSS feed URL address will look similar to this: https://yourwebsite.com/feed/podcast/.

Podcast RSS Importer

Import or migrate your existing episodes from any major Podcast distributor in 1-click

Podcast Auto-Sync

Fetch and import new episodes from your RSS into WordPress automatically. You can also schedule the importer to fetch at your own desired interval.

Playback Speed Control

Display a speed rate button to give your user the ability to change the playback speed from 0.5x, 1x, 1.2x, 1.5x and 2x

Skip 15/30 Seconds Control

A listener just missed something in your track? Add a 15 seconds backward button so he can quickly catch up. It's the same thing if he wants to quickly skip a segment or two.

Play Random Episode

Display a shuffle button in the player to play random episodes from your show.

Episode Thumbnails

Each episode may have its own image cover. You can display its thumbnail in the tracklist, mini-player, and sticky player. You can also set a default thumbnail image for each show.

Chapters, Table of Content and Timestamp

Create easy & quick chapter list, text link or table of content using a custom shortcode. This allow you to start a player and optionally jump  to specific time stamps.

Podcast Networks Support

Multiple Podcast Show Support to build your own podcast network. You can create unlimited numbers of shows with their own settings.

Episode Single Page

We include a single page with a unique shareable URL for each episode you create. Users can customize slug URL and player and display episode notes, downloads, images, videos, and PDFs.

Podcast Show Taxonomy

Display an episode list that contains all episodes from a specific podcast show. If you manage multiple shows or build a podcast network website, this is the feature you are looking for.

Podcast Category Taxonomy

Need to categorize your episode by genre or season? No problem. You can display an episode list that contains all episodes from a specific category.

For Selling Online
with WooCommerce

Sell Music Files

We really went the extra mile and made the audio player connects seamlessly with WooCommerce, the world's most popular free eCommerce plugin. Whether for selling digital music, memberships, or subscriptions, our audio player will empower your eCommerce website immediately.

Music Licenses

Lease and sell exclusive music licenses. By using WooCommerce, you have the ability to include a music contract license depending on the product sold.

Manage Your Store

Handle your license contracts. Manage orders & customers. Create discount or promo codes and check your money grows, all under your dashboard.

Shop Page

Add a music player to each product on the shop loop page. You have the ability to add audio controls over your products gallery or display the player below the thumbnails with a nice progress bar.

Product Singe Page

When you add audio files to your product, we will automatically display a player so customers will have a chance to preview the file before they buy. You can customize the embedded player with our custom shortcode and attributes such as the option to display playlist, inline progress bar, call to action buttons, etc.

Add-to-Cart Button

Option to automatically display an Add-to-Cart button on each track for sale. Also known as a Call-to-action, we will display the add-to-cart button beside each track title in the tracklist and/or on the sticky player for quick cart update.

Buy Now Button

Similar to the add-to-cart button, the Buy Now action takes you directly to the checkout page. For example, this is useful if you sell an album without price or product variation and checkout action needs to be immediate. This can be set overall to your whole product catalog or independently on each product.

Javascript API

If you create a complex eCommerce project, you will love our javascript API. Allows you to launch the sticky player, start, play, pause, or skip the tracks through a simple javascript function.
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