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User Recently Played Tracks Feature

Available with MP3 Audio Player Pro 5.4 and the Business Plan subscribers and higher.

The “User Recently Played Tracks” feature offers a personalized experience for your site visitors by displaying a player with their most recently played tracks. This dynamic feature utilizes AJAX to automatically update the track list.

Enabling User Recently Played Tracks

To activate this feature:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress Admin dashboard.
  2. Go to MP3 Player > Settings > General.
  3. Enable Track User Listening History to start recording tracks played by logged-in users.
  4. To track the listening history of non-logged users, activate Track History for Non-Logged Users. This option utilizes browser cookies to track interactions.


  • User Meta Tracking: Tracks are stored in the user’s database profile, allowing playback history to sync across all devices.
  • Cookie Storage: Tracks are stored locally in the browser’s cookies for non-logged users but are restricted to the specific browser used.

Setting Up the Audio Player

Once you’ve enabled the User Listening History, proceed to set up the MP3 Audio Player to display the listening history.

Using Elementor:

  • Add the MP3 Audio Player Widget.
  • Select “User Recently Played Tracks” from the “Source” dropdown.
  • Adjust the maximum number of tracks to display using the “Max Number of Posts to Load” field.

Using Shortcodes:

  • Implement the shortcode attribute albums="recentlyplayed".
  • Specify the number of tracks to display with posts_per_page="5".

Important Considerations

  • The tracking works only for tracks set up using our custom fields; it does not support dynamic RSS feeds or custom fields not specified during setup.
  • The User History Widget does not support pagination or lazy loading.
  • A maximum of 50 tracks can be tracked and displayed from the user’s recent listening history.

This feature offers a tailored playback experience that enhances user engagement by making their recent interactions immediately accessible.

Updated on April 26, 2024
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