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Get Started with MP3 Audio Player Pro

Instructions on How to Install the plugin and its pro addon:

Step 1 – Download sonaar-music.zip and sonaar-music-pro.zip on your computer. The file can be downloaded from your sonaar.io account in the My Account > Downloads section.

Step 2 – You basically have 2 plugins to install. MP3 Audio Player and MP3 Audio Player Pro Addon.

Step 3 – Paste the license key in WP-Admin > MP3 Player > License

Video tutorial

This video will teach you how to use the plugin in 7 quick chapters:
1) 00:12 Install the Plugin
2) 00:32 Create a Playlist & Uploads Tracks
3) 03:44 Add Player using Shortcode
4) 06:57 Add Player using Elementor
5) 10:41 Add Player using Gutenburg
6) 11:27 Customize Color & Settings
7) 12:57 Difference between Free vs Pro

Hey Podcasters! Read this article if you are setting up a podcast first.

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