2 WooCommerce Plugins that will boost sales and conversion rates

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Online music store with WooCommerce

With over 2 million powered websites, WooCommerce is now the top leader in the eCommerce platform industry. Its customization and scalability made it a tempting option for online stores. But what makes WooCommerce extra powerful is its plugin integration capabilities that add essential features to successfully scale up your online store.

The most important thing that an online store needs is to have the proper tools to transform web visitors into paying customers, and that requires more than simply adding products to your store and marketing them.

Regardless of the effort you put into creating ad campaigns, marketing products on social media or crafting blog posts emphasizing the greatness of your products, these are not going to skyrocket your conversion rates on their own. You also need to ensure that your visitors find it easy, not only to add products to the cart but to actually checkout and finalize the sale!

Fortunately for you, WooCommerce helps you turn this dream into a reality by supporting lots of useful plugins specifically designed to nudge clients toward finally making the purchase. There are thousands of these extension plugins to choose from, however we have selected two of the best premium plugins that you need if you want to keep your sales soaring in 2022.

Bottom line; you’ll not need to increase traffic to make more money. These two plugins will allow you to generate more sales from the web traffic you already have. Without further delay, let us discuss the two among the best WooCommerce plugins you need to improve your sells.

1. Woo Floating Cart

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where site visitors are adding your music and products to the cart, but then leave your store without finalizing their purchase? You come so close to securing a sale, but then POOF! The visitors bounce from your site?

If this scenario sounds familiar, I have some good news for you. Adding a product to the cart is a good thing even if the visitors did not convert yet, you have won half the battle because they are interested in what you are offering. With a little tinkering to your online store, a little perseverance, and smart marketing tactics, you will be able to transform those abandoned carts into converting clients.

With that empowerment in mind, I present to you the perfect solution that will improve customer buying experience and encourage your clients to click the “checkout” button. With the Woo Floating Cart extension, not only you’ll make your site more interactive, a cart icon with item count will always be visible on all pages and a sliding cart will be triggered when your site visitors decide to purchase an item.

The floating cart displays the items with the total and a checkout button in order to make the purchase decision easier for your client. You can change the cart icons, height, width, position, and other settings if you wish. Better yet, it is fully customizable, and prices, quantities, as well as products, are updated instantly via Ajax without a page reload. Remember, the goal is to nudge your site visitors toward making the purchase decision.

2. Woo Quick View

Here is yet another versatile WooCommerce plugin you cannot afford to miss on your WordPress site. Woo Quick View is an interactive “product quick view” plugin for WooCommerce that grants your site users quick access to main product information with smooth animation.

What this means is, it will allow users to get a quick view of your music products without really opening the product page. Customers can navigate from one product to the next using the next and previous buttons. It’s time to ensure that most visitors to your store do not leave without buying anything, and these two plugins will surely help you attain just that.

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