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Differences between Theme’s built-in player and MP3 Audio Payer Pro

Choosing the right audio player for your website is essential to provide an enjoyable user experience for your visitors. In this comparison, we highlight the differences between the Built-in Sonaar Theme Player, with the MP3 Audio Player Pro. By the end of this comparison, you’ll have a clear idea of which player suits your website’s needs best.

FeaturesSonaar ThemeMP3 Audio Player Pro
Continuous PlaybackAJAXAJAX (if you use a Sonaar Theme)
or Resume on Page Load
Search Bar WidgetNoYes
Filters Dropdown & Tags WidgetNoYes
Tracklist Custom FieldsNoYes
Sell Music & Contracts LicensesNoYes
Add-to-cart buttons without page refreshNoYes
Animated Audio SpectrumNoYes
Icecast SupportNoYes
Lyrics in real-timeNoYes
Pagination OptionNoYes
Bulk Importer + CSV ImportNoYes
Support for GutenbergNoYes
Grid LayoutNoYes
Adaptive Colors in Real-timeNoYes
Chapters, Table of Content and TimestampNoYes
Podcast Networks SupportNoYes
Support multiple RSS FeedNoYes

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