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Import your podcast from a RSS Feed

Step 1 – Create a Podcast Category

First, we recommend that you create a new podcast category (where your episode will be imported into) by going to wp-admin > Podcast Episodes > Podcast Category > add new.

Create podcast category with WordPress

Step 2 – Import the feed

To import your existing podcast episodes into your theme, go to wp-admin > tools > import > Podcast RSS Feed > Run importer

Paste the URL link of your actual RSS feed into the RSS Link URL field and we will import the episodes. Before importing your RSS feed, make sure you have a valid RSS Feed. You can validate it here: https://castfeedvalidator.com/

Import podcast feed with WordPress

Step 3 –  Keep your episode synchronized with a third party

If you are want to synchronize your exisiting RSS feed and episodes to your wordpress site and avoid running this importation process everytime, you will need to setup a cron-job. Please read this article.

Updated on February 23, 2022
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