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How do I update the theme required plugins ?

We use 2 premium plugins packaged with our theme. When there is a new plugin version available, we (as a theme author), need to check, test and make sure that new version is fully functional with our theme. Once tested, we release a theme update which includes the new version of the plugins. So it can haves a delay between the time a plugin version is released by the third party author and our theme updates.

To check which plugin version is available from our theme,  check our theme’s changelog

How to update a plugin.

Make sure that your theme is up-to-date

1. Slider Revolution

To update Slider Revolution, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won’t lose anything.

2. Essential Grid

Please BACKUP your grid before updating the plugin — To update Essential Grid, make a backup of your grids first: Go to WP-Admin > Ess. Grid > Import/Export. Click Export then click Export Selected. Save the .json file on your computer. Then go to WP-Admin > plugins > and delete Essential Grid. Now go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Install Plugins and install Essential Grid again. Once it’s activated, go to WP-Admin > Ess. Grid > Import/Export. Click Import and Import the .json file you previously exported. then click the green READ FILE button.

Updated on February 23, 2022
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