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Using YouTube channel in the Essential Grid

To display the YouTube videos in our grid (eg: https://demo.sonaar.io/standup-elementor/video-youtube-channel/), we use Essential Grid plugin. The videos being displayed in the grid are pulled directly from our own YouTube channel. To replace the YouTube channel by your own channel, follow these steps. (We recommend using this method if you have a lot of videos and don’t want to bother adding videos manually in Essential Grid).

Step 1 – Go to wp-admin > Ess Grid.

Step 2 – Locate the grid’s name you are using in your page (https://d.pr/i/DqKCzB) and click settings (https://d.pr/i/cGGEO1)

Step 3 – Go to the source tab and change the info by your own: https://d.pr/i/v06m4p

Find information about the YouTube API key here

See how to find the Youtube channel ID here

Once your info will be set, you will be able to select your own playlist. 

Step 4 – You can clear the cache to make sure it pulls the up to date information with your channel; https://d.pr/i/TodT3g

Step 5 – You are now ready to display the grid on your website. Edit any of your pages with Elementor then add the widget Sonaar: Essential Grid and select the corresponding grid. Publish! https://d.pr/i/wa5SLZ

Updated on February 23, 2022
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