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Which streaming platforms do you support?

You can play audio files that are hosted either on your own server or on external and streaming servers. We support a lot of them, but some providers have restrictions. 

You can play audio within our custom audio player using:
– Local .MP3 file
– Local .M4A file
– Icecast
– Libsyn
– Stitcher
– Shoutcast
– Acast
– Amazon S3
– FMStream.org
– Any web server for which you control the .htaccess and CORS policy (have root access)

We also support these streaming servers but if you are using our Sonaar Theme, you will need to deactivate the Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (wp-admin > theme options > general settings. See screenshot: https://d.pr/i/61Itlr)
– Podbean
– SoundCloud Podcasts
– Buzzsprout
– Simplecast
– Spreaker
– Audioboom
– CastBox
– Pippa.io
– Anchor
– Google Drive (not recommended because it has slow loading because of all their security checks)

You cannot stream directly from the services below, BUT you can embed their native player on any pages:
x Spotify
x SoundCloud Music
x Apple Podcast
x Google Podcast
x YouTube
x MixCloud

We also support a lot of other providers that are not listed here but we have not tested all of them. If you have a provider that is not listed here and is supported. let us know so we can add it to this list.

Updated on February 23, 2022
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