How to design a killer record label website

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Today websites are undeniably the most crucial part of any record label’s marketing strategy. As an upcoming or already established music band, your online presence matters the most as your link to the outside world. It is only through your online presence that you create a space for your fans and media to explore your talent. If you are a band artist and looking to design a special website for your record label, you need to be aware of certain key factors to get it done the right way. Check out the following points before you get started with building your own record label website –

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GET THE BASICS RIGHTFirst of all, make sure to have clarity regarding all the essentials of a record label website that need to be featured on your website. Make sure to integrate information regarding new releases, artists list, upcoming events, and contacts on your website in the following sections of the website –

Your Record Label Homepage:

Choose a simple and uncomplicated homepage for the convenience of the visitors on your website. It is always a great idea to highlight an upcoming show or a new release of your music band on your homepage. Integrate a blog page and space for social media interactions to open up scope of more fan and media interaction.

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About us:

The about us section of your website should define your label story and the inspiration behind it all.

Artist’s page:

The artist’s page on your record label’s website should be well organized with relevant information regarding your artists. This section can include short bio of your artists simultaneously featuring their popular tracks.


A separate section for shows on your website can help viewers to track the location and mark the dates of your upcoming events.

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Being a performing music band, organizers might want to get in touch with you for shows. Hence a well constructed contact page is must for all types of booking inquiries on a record label’s website.


  • DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE – The basic function of your record label website is to make people aware about your music label and what all it has to offer to you. Hence it is quite important that the overall features of your website are able to subtly define the main objective of your website for the visitors.
  • WORK ON BRANDING – It is very crucial to establish a brand identity for your record label to pull in more and more viewers and media attention. Choose a unique yet simple logo to set you apart from your competitors and make it seen as your brand identity by the people.
  • CHECK WITH THE TAXES – Once the money starts coming in, you will need to pay a percentage of your profits for tax. Be prepared with all this by accumulating the right information regarding the taxes beforehand to avoid any legal issues in the future. Once it is all set you can enjoy the perks that will come with the popularity of your record label!


Check out these Record Labels WP Themes for inspiration. WordPress Themes and demos are used to start your project. Then you can switch the assets by your own.

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  3. The Crew Music Band WP Theme
  4. Beats Producer WP Theme
  5. Magnetic Record Label WP Theme
  6. Indigo Record Label WP Theme
  7. Cornerstone Record Label WP Theme



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