Sonaar 4.19 Update – What’s new?

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Sonaar Theme Update 4.19 - Whats new

Today we have released a great update to our theme. Say hello 4.19! This update is effective for all our WordPress theme demos. It fixes many minor issues and adds new features. The key points to retain from this update are:

Easy translations

Changing/translating the native strings of a WordPress theme has always been remarkably complex. Most of you have used POEdit or other translation software or plugins but still, it takes time and its complex. We are proud to introduce theme translations right into the theme option panel. Go to WP-Admin > Theme Options > Translations and just change the strings. For those who have already translated the strings, do not worry, it will continue to work.

The Podcast Player Elementor Widget is now fully customizable.

Before this update, you were able to change the background colour of the player and that was it. Now, you have the ability to customize every bit of the look and feel from the colour, soundwave colour and height, typographies, etc, in real-time! It’s a great facelift that will allow you to give the podcast player a fun twist! Don’t forget to update Elementor Sonaar Addon plugin to benefit from this feature. All our Podcast WordPress Themes inherit from this update. To update this widget, go to WP-Admin > Plugins and delete Elementor Sonaar Addon. Then go to WP-Admin > Appearance > Install plugins and re-install the plugin.

Display the playlist in reverse order on the front-end

This is particularly helpful if you add new tracks to an existing playlist on a regular basis. When you add a new track, it goes at the bottom of your playlist and in some cases you have to move that track all the way up to reorder it first. With huge playlists, its painful. Some of you have requested an option to display the track completely at the top of the playlist. That make sense because it’s a new track you want to feature. Edit to your playlist and enable the option: Display tracklist in reverse order on the front-end.

Artist Category Taxonomy Template

One template that was missing (and a lot of people requested it!) in our theme was a basic template to display artists in different category pages. So we’ve just added a new template for Artist’s taxonomies. And if you want to give that template a great edge with Elementor, don’t forget that Elementor Pro has a theme builder that will allow modifying any theme templates using Elementor so you can literally create your own theme templates! It’s magic!

We hope you like it. To update the theme, simply go to WP-Admin > Dashboard > Updates and update the Sonaar Theme.

Here is the complete changelog of this theme update

Changelog details V.4.19 – 2022.10.02

  • New! You can now translate all the theme strings directly in the theme options. Go to WP-Admin > Theme Options > Transations
  • New! Option to display the playlist in reverse order on the front-end. Go to WP-Admin > Playlist
  • New! Elementor Podcast Player widget can be fully customized with Elementor
  • New! Artist Category Taxonomy template
  • Podcasts: Fix issue with N and R ascii characters encoding with feed import
  • Podcasts: Rename CF FileOrStream to FileOrSreamPodcast to avoid conflict
  • Podcasts: Fix issue with category names with special characters in the sticky footer player
  • Events: Fix issue with event widget in the sidebar where all events are being displayed
  • Artist: Fix issue with feature image showing up on the single artist blank template
  • Audio: Remove Volume Control for Safari since Safari does not support custom volume control JS anymore
  • General: Update ACF to 5.9
  • General: Fix Footer block editing issues when editing with Elementor
  • General: Fix PHP error when editing the footer block with Elementor
  • General: Fix issue with weird scrolling behaviors on mobile
  • General: Fix broken logo on some pages such as archive pages
  • General: Fix jQuery warnings for jQuery 3.0
  • General: Remove PHP error on 404 page not found since last ACF update
  • General: Fix share to twitter button and remove Google+ Share
  • General: Minor styling alignment of the xdebug notices
  • General: Fix issue with Import demo page style
  • General: Code optimization
  • WPBakery: Fix issue with widget animations
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