20+ Best WordPress Themes for Singers and Songwriters

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WordPress Themes for Singers

If you are a singer or songwriter, then you comprehend how imperative it is to boast a robust online presence. I presume that notion is the prime reason you are here looking for the best WordPress themes for singers.

Your fans and followers ought to be able to listen to you and easily find you online. Furthermore, official musical bands need to portray exactly what you have to offer to the world. With that introduction in mind, I took it upon myself and set out on a quest of finding the best singer WordPress themes that can help you attain your artistic goals in next to no time.

By using these website templates,  you will gain a competitive edge, and your fans will appreciate the high quality and innovative website as a result.

The best WordPress themes for singers and songwriters:

  1. Sonaar
  2. Apex
  3. Mandala
  4. Milend
  5. Nika
  6. The Rise
  7. Kimchee
  8. The Voice
  9. Solo
  10. Croma

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best WordPress themes for singers and songwriters as more become available.

1. Sonaar

Singer WordPress Theme by Sonaar

Sonaar is the perfect Singer and Songwriter WordPress Theme made for beginner or advanced WordPress users. It’s very easy to use. Install the theme and choose the theme’s demo you like the most and import it in 1-click. Once your favorite demo has been imported, start customizing your website by changing the texts and images using an easy Page Builder (Elementor).

You can add unlimited tracks and albums, playlist and compilations, display your upcoming and past concerts, add lyrics sections and sell tracks and albums with WooCommerce.  Sonaar is the most popular music wordpress themes for Singers in the world right now. You should take a lot right away because the designs are incredibly stunning!


  • 23 demos that can be imported in 1-click;
  • You can translate it in any language;
  • Optimized for mobile and tablets. Designed with ‘Mobile-First’ approach;
  • Clean typography. Made by professional designers;
  • 100% compatible with Elementor Page Builder.

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2. Apex

Singer WordPress Theme - Apex

My desire while writing listicles is to ensure you do not need to scroll further than option number one. This implies that the first item on my reviews is always a well-thought item with the potential to make all your wildest musical dreams come true.

You may be asking yourself, what makes Apex such a great WordPress theme for singer and songwriter? Well, to begin with, Apex is a modern, slick, intuitive, and clean Music WordPress theme crafted explicitly for Songwriters, singers, producers, and musicians.

Better yet, Sonaar.io ensured the theme’s homepage showcases a large full-width slider as well as nice blurry effects when you scroll down. The theme also boasts a continuous music and video player that won’t stop when you visit a different page.

If I were to list all benefits of Apex WordPress theme, this blog post would be pretty endless. LOL.

Features of Apex

  • Retails with six premium plugins included
  • Includes the WPBakery page builder
  • WooCommerce integrated so you can sell your items online
  • Comes with the Sonaar Vault gallery
  • Boasts the Sonaar Ajax Mp3 player

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3. Mandala

Mandala Singer WordPress theme

Taking our second position is another hard to beat innovation from Sonaar: Mandala WordPress theme. Just like Apex, Sonaar Specifically designed Mandala for artists, producers, musicians, and singers who care about their brand and what they deliver.

Try out this masterpiece, and you will tell instantly that it is all about harmony, simplicity, and balance which augments your music website to a whole new level.

Furthermore (to further prove why Mandala is worth a try), Sonaar designed this singer WordPress theme with one clear objective in mind: To award artists, bands and musicians, the attention they deserve through showcasing simple, yet effective elements on the homepage, such as new album releases, featured playlists, two simple photos, and a biography section.

Features of Mandala

  • Comes with six premium plugins included
  • Includes the Sonaar Ajax Mp3 and video player
  • WooCommerce integrated so you’ll be able to sell your music and merchandise online
  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly
  • Works well with all major web browsers

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4. Milend

MIlend Template for singer

Is your website already well-laid out? If not, do not be ashamed. After all, lots of musicians do not even own a site because they simply cannot find the time to build or maintain one.

With that thought in mind, I bring to you a solution that will help you create a professional WordPress website straight out of the gate. All you need to do is activate the theme and start posting content. The solution is none other than Milend.

Milend also retails with a visual composer page builder, boasts AJAX integration, has unlimited colours, parallax effects, custom background images on each page, integrates with MailChimp, and also integrates with all social media platforms.

Features of Milend

  • Comes with the visual composer (the new WordPress drag and drop page builder)
  • Allows you to integrate your site with all social media platforms
  • Very affordable compared to most themes on this list
  • Integrates with MailChimp
  • boasts AJAX integration

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5. Nika

Nika Singer WordPress theme

Even though Nika does look like most WordPress themes out there, I must point out that I like its default layout and typography.

This theme comes with an audio/video player, events discography post type, custom widgets, custom post types, WP Instagram widget, a contact form, recent tweets widget, breadcrumb, and the ability to create new page layouts; just to mention but a few,

Nika is also fully responsive and translation ready, implying that your fans and followers from all around the world can visit and understand your website content. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Features of Nika

  • Includes a contact form
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Will look good on all major web browsers
  • Comes with hundreds of google fonts
  • WooCommerce compatible

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6. The Rise

The Rise Responsive Singer WordPress Theme

The Rise is a simplistic theme boasting a clean and responsive design. This masterwork retails with more than five modern homepage layouts, custom widgets, album lists, google fonts, offers 24/7 support and is also SEO optimized.

There isn’t much to say about The Rise apart from the fact it surely does deserve a position this high up. If you would like a modern looking theme without all the annoying plugins and animations, this is your go-to product.

Features of the Rise

  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • SEO optimized to help your website rank higher
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Includes unlimited skins and color schemes
  • Multiple shortcodes available to allow for easier usage

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7. Kimchee

Kimchee Singer WordPress Theme

Before I review Kimchee, I ought to point out something first. Just because a theme’s position on this listicle is lower does not imply that it lacks in any way. I merely picked the best Singer WordPress themes out there and mixed them up without arranging them in a particular order.

With that said, Kimchee is a premium WordPress theme for singer that is visually amazing to look at and 100% responsive on all devices.

Thanks to its extremely user-friendly interface, this theme also retails with tons of options for you to customise and configure the way you would like to.

Features of Kimchee

  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • Includes a gigs and events manager
  • Comes with a WordPress audio and video player
  • Boasts custom logos and menu options
  • Compatible with all WordPress plugins

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8. The Voice

The Voice Singer WordPress theme

Presented to you by FWRD on ThemeForest, The Voice is not a free WordPress theme for singers and songwriters but it worths the investment. Thanks to the thousands of reviews from prior users, this innovation surely deserves a mention in this comprehensive review.

Designed with a responsive and sleek layout design, The Voice intends to provide satisfaction to all your fans and followers by delivering your content in a mesmerizing way that is hard to ignore. Furthermore, The Voice is extremely easy to use and fully responsive on all devices.

The Voice’s perks do not end there. If you choose The Voice, You can efficiently manage events and share your content with fans and followers on social media platforms.

Features of The Voice

  • boasts a retina ready and responsive design
  • WooCommerce compatible so you can sell your music and merchandise online
  • Includes a gallery and blog layout
  • Comes with a gigs and events manager
  • Compatible with videos from platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube

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9. Solo

Solo WordPress theme for vocalist

Here comes another stunning WordPress theme for singers that I wholeheartedly recommend. Explicitly designed for songwriters and singers, Solo can function as your portfolio, blog, or even simply a music promotion WordPress theme.

It is retina ready and fully responsive. The layout is also visually striking and ideal in case you are looking for WordPress themes that will captivate your fans and followers right away.

With Solo, you can create and organise your plans and gigs for upcoming events and share them with lots of ease. If it were up to me, I would say Solo is designed explicitly for the music industry.

Features of Solo

  • Custom logo and header option
  • Includes the full screen featured image option
  • Comes with a blog based layout option
  • Boasts sliders and carousels
  • Mobile friendly and responsive on all devices

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10. Croma

Croma - WordPress theme for singer

Execute a simple search on Google, and you’ll see that most, if not all, theme developer refer to Croma as the music theme for the year 2022.

Hyperboles aside, Croma Music WordPress theme retails with plenty of demos (this makes it extremely easy for you to customize), a responsive design, flexible headers, visual composer, a continuous audio player, a music album feature, gigs and events manager, and also awards you the ability to add hotlinks to any page on your site.

There are lots of things you will surely love about Croma. Check out its ratings on Theme Forest, and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Features of Croma

  • SEO supplemented to help your site get ranked higher on search engines
  • Loads fast
  • Mobile friendly and is compatible with all major web browsers
  • Includes the visual composer
  • WooCommerce compatible

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11. FWRD

FWRD Singer WordPress themes

Speak of another well-known WordPress theme in the realm of musicians. FWRD comes with a visual composer and page builder, easy menu builder, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, an events and gigs manager, slider revolution, retina HD and responsive design.

Generally, FWRD is more like Croma and is comparable in its features set. The only way to break the tie between the two is to determine which one you’ll like better in regards to ease of use, functionality, and design.

Features of FWRD

  • 100% responsive design
  • Includes an easy menu builder
  • Comes with the visual builder and slider revolution
  • Retina HD
  • Translation ready
  • Includes unlimited fonts, colours and layouts

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12. Moonlight

Moonlight WordPress theme for Singer

Just like its name insinuates, Moonlight is an attractive and simplistic WordPress Music theme created explicitly by Sonaar with the intention of meeting all your artistic, online marketing requirements.

Correctly optimized for mobile and other devices, Moonlight also ensures that your site looks stunning at all times. Furthermore, this theme offers all essential music features such as discography management, even promotions, online shops, as well as an audio and video player.

Features of Moonlight

  • Boasts  a tour and event management section
  • SEO optimized to rank higher on search engines
  • Speed optimized to help it load faster
  • Easy to customise and configure
  • Multiple colour schemes to choose from

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13. Outlander

Outlander Singer WordPress theme

Outlander is a proficiently built and carefully designed WordPress Music theme for Songwriters and singers. Also, best suited for virtually everyone in the music industry, this WordPress theme boasts everything you may require to develop a website that stands out.

Would you like to create a platform where you can share your music releases or even sell your merchandise online? Outlander is the perfect WordPress theme for you.

Features of Outlander

  • Retina ready and fully responsive
  • Has a ticket booking system integrated
  • Regularly updated to keep your site running smoothly
  • Compatible with every browser

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14. Lush

Lush website for singer

Lush has been repeatedly labelled as one of the best WordPress theme for singers in the world for anyone in the music industry. In the past, I have personally created a brand WordPress site using the theme, and I have to admit, there is more to Lush than meets the eye.

Lush also comes with multiple templates you can choose from, including but not limited to, Solo Awake, Spintable, Grenade, Outlaws, Classical, Hipster, and much more. This allows you to choose the appropriate theme so you can get started quickly. This also proves that lush will work for pretty much everyone in the music industry: May you be a music producer, artist band, songwriter, record label, singer, or musician.

Features of Lush

  • Will work for anyone in the music industry
  • Compatible with all WordPress plugins
  • Includes a visual composer
  • 100% responsive
  • Comes with unlimited layouts
  • Includes an audio and video player

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15. Light

Croma Light WordPress theme for Singer and songwriter

Last, but by no means the least, Light.

Light is an incredible option for anyone on a quest to find a premium WordPress music theme with AJAX and continuous music playback. On the surface, Light boasts a loud and brash appearance that remains consistent throughout all layouts.

There are also other features included in the theme to help you create your music site easily. For instance, there is a fully features music player and lots of customising functionalities for creating event pages, and profile layouts

Remember what I said, just because Light is at the bottom of this list, it does not imply that it lacks in any way- If anything, Light boasts lots of positive reviews on theme forest compared to most themes on this list.

Features of Light

  • .WooCommerce compatible
  • Comes with the Custom Audio Player
  • Unlimited sidebar options and layouts
  • One click demo import
  • Jetpack support
  • Allows social networking integration

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16. Flicker

Flicker WP Theme for Singer

As one of the most powerful and ultra-flexible themes on this list, Flicker is a premium WordPress theme that will leave all your fans, visitors, and followers stunned when they visit your site. With a well organised and clean interface for you to work on, this singer WordPress theme combines the Muttley Framework with WordPress to ensure you have everything you may need to make your site stand out from your competitors.

Flicker is also retina ready and fully responsive. Better yet, the theme comes with an exclusive Music player that boasts a lighting fast load time and full SoundCloud API support.

Flicker is compatible with WooCommerce.

Features of Flicker

  • 24/7 support available to help you out when the need arises
  • Includes the drag and drop functionality
  • Comes with a contact form
  • Revolution slider included
  • Easily integrates with social networks

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17. Music Club

Music Club Singer WP Theme

You can guess by its name that Music Club is a premium WordPress Music theme that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of anyone in the music industry. Music club’s powerful admin panel allows you to modify and customise any element of the theme with ease.

Even better, compatible with WooCommerce, this theme supports connection with significant music shop platforms such as Google Play and iTunes.

Features of Music Club

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Compatible with all WordPress plugins
  • Lots of shortcodes available
  • Multiple custom sidebars
  • Includes an advanced event management section

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18. Hipster

Hipster Lush Singer WordPress theme

As a creative and visionary WordPress music theme for Singer and songwriters, Hipster is retina ready and 100% responsive.

Thanks to its professional interface and feature-rich quality, this theme is also best suited for everyone involved in the music industry.

Hipster’s primary attraction is, without doubt, the real-time music visualizer with a continuous AJAX music player. This feature allows fans and visitors to listen to your music on your site even when they have visited a different page on the web.

Features of Hipster

  • Allows for podcasts and live sets
  • Comes with three unique menu designs
  • Includes a gigs and events manager
  • Comes with a custom MP3 player
  • SEO optimised

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19. Cornerstone

Cornerstone - Singer WordPress template

As the list comes to an end, it gets more and more interesting.

Just as the name suggests, Cornerstone is the ideal WordPress theme for any DJ’s, music companies’, record producer’s, songwriter’s, and singer’s website. We can attribute this perk to Cornerstone’s impressive visuals and interactive design.

Better yet, Sonaar has ensured this theme allows you to share your music, and blog content with the world on social media networks and platforms.

Features of Cornerstone

  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Shortcodes available for easier usage
  • Comes with unlimited skins and colour scheme options
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO optimised to help your site rank higher

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20. Lucille

Lucille WP theme for Singer

When you are creating a site to showcase your prowess, you probably are not after a complicated page structure. You want your visitors to find what they are looking for straightaway: whether that is your upcoming gigs, music, or something else entirely.

To help you achieve this, Lucille enables you to offer the maximum amount of info without overwhelming your fan or follower. Better yet, this theme’s home page is the complete package offering readers a way to view your music, images, and gigs without navigating anywhere else.

Features of Lucille

  • Fully responsive and will display well on devices of all screen sizes
  • SEO supplemented to help your site rank higher
  • Includes the visual composer (the new drag and drop builder)
  • Comes with multiple demo templates
  • Is compatible with all WordPress plugins

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21. The Moons

WordPress Themes for Singers

Simply colourful, vibrant, and visually amazing to look at. The Moons is a popular WordPress theme for singer that guarantees to ensure your site is as captivating as possible. Each element on this theme has been designed and crafted by genius minds to ensure your users are left stunned.

That said, The Moons is more than just looks because it’s also packed with advanced and powerful premium features. Let’s take a look at a couple:

  • Allows for social media integration
  • Comes with an advanced playlist manager
  • SEO optimised to help your site rank higher
  • Regularly updated
  • 24/7 customer support available

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Thank you for sticking to the end, and I hope you found what you were looking for; i.e. the best WordPress theme for singers and songwriters.

In case you did not, then do not bounce just yet. I urge that you take a quick look at this blog post on “The Best WordPress Themes for Musicians” before you leave. You never know, you may find what you are looking for in there.

Thank you for browsing.

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