Animated Audio Spectrum Visualizer for WordPress

This is a MP3 Audio Player Pro player. The audio has been automatically generated with our free Text-to-Speech Addon by Sonaar and the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech.

Music has the power to touch our emotions and with MP3 Audio Player Pro, it’s even better. Introducing Animated Audio Spectrum, the latest addition.

More than an Audio Visualizer

With Animated Audio Spectrum, your audio becomes a mesmerizing visual experience. It syncs with your audio frequency to create a captivating visual representation that brings your audio to life. You can choose from 4 unique animation styles – Animated Bars, Animated Bricks, Animated Shockwave, and Animated String – which surely fit your style and audio. Watch video below.

But what sets Animated Audio Spectrum apart is the customization options. Pick colors that match your brand, adjust the bar width and height, and make the audio visualizer truly yours. The result is a visually stunning audio player that represents you.

Add Animated Audio Spectrum to your audio player, tracklist, and even the sticky player in the footer. No matter where they are on your website, your listeners can experience this stunning audio visualizer. And with MP3 Audio Player Pro’s Adaptive Colors feature, your audio player can match your website’s color scheme in real-time for a seamless look.

In conclusion, Animated Audio Spectrum transforms your audio experience. With 4 unique animation styles and full customization options, you can create an audio player that’s visually stunning and a true representation of you. Upgrade your MP3 Audio Player Pro today and experience audio like never before with Animated Audio Spectrum!

Written by Sonaar Music

Written by Sonaar Music

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